eBundle FAQ

The eBook eBundle FAQ

Do you have questions or are you having issues with the eBundle?  These frequently asked questions and video tutorials will hopefully sort out the issues and answer your questions.

Organize 365 has coordinated this bundle sale among 6 authors and dozens of blog sites. All authors and blogs hosting the bundle will profit from the sale of this bundle. Thank you for supporting our businesses.

How to buy and download the bundle

After buying the eBundle you’ll receive an email with the zipped file in it. It is sent to the email address is the one you used when creating your ejunkie or PayPal account.  If it isn’t there, check your spam folder and your ejunkie account before you think you’ve not received the email.

The TV video will come through email within 24 hours of purchase so you can participate in it at your own pace.  There will be a pdf within the bundle giving you more detailed information.

How to Unzip your Bundle

Here’s a tutorial if you have an older computer or need software to open your zipped file.  WinZip is a program you can use.  You can download a trial version here.

How can I send my files to my Smartphone, iPad, or any other eReader devices?

I use the Send to Kindle App.

Remember these are PDF’s and may not appear properly within a certain reader but you’ll always be able to read them on your computer or laptop or with a pdf reader.

If you’d like to see more information view my Send to Kindle post.

More FAQs

How long will my download links work for?

The links will work until June 5, 2014, for 1000 hours or for 9 attempts, whichever comes first.  The last day to download your ebooks will be June 5th. Do it NOW before you forget. :)  Also, open your zipped file asap to make sure there isn’t a download error.  If you have an error you have 8 more download attempts to make sure that you get all of your books!

If you run out of attempts email us at lisa@organize365.com, include your name, bundle name and transaction number, and we’ll give you more attempts.

What if I lose my eBook files?

Please remember to back up your files (on another computer, on a backup hard drive, or on a web-hosted “cloud storage site”). Organize 365 and the authors cannot send you copies of eBooks that have been deleted or lost.

Can I share these eBooks with my friends or family members?

Each of the eBooks in the ebundles are copyrighted by the original author.Your purchase does not entitle you to share the files or upload them anywhere online where others can access them.

If you’d like to purchase and give an eBook bundle to someone, that is perfectly fine! Simply purchase one specifically for that person and then “gift” it to them by sending them the download email. :)

Note that we will not be offering refunds (but we WILL make sure that you get what you’d paid for!).

Contact us by email at lisa@organize365.com if you have any other questions.  Please make sure add “Name of ebook bundle” + support in the subject. Including your name & transaction number helps us to serve you more easily.